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The Celestial Mountains Tour Company

The Celestial Mountains Tour Company and the Celestial Mountains Guest House (Naryn) were established in 1997. They were British owned and operated ventures established, registered and licensed under Kyrgyz law. They are, actually, two separate companies – but had the same three investors.

There are three investors. One came to Kyrgyzstan at about the time of independence and immediately fell in love with the country, its people and culture. He has since married a Kyrgyz woman, started a family and is now living in New Zealand. (Technically, his wife is now the “shareholder”). The second is based in the UK. The third came to Bishkek to help to open an office – and just stayed. He is now based in Bishkek and runs the companies.

The tour company, based in Bishkek, was established to offer tours and other services to travellers. The tours would cover the regions of Kyrgyzstan and, in co-operation with other local firms in those countries, to China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan. At first, the company chose to specialize in motor tours.


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