Tour manager: Ilona Mizina
This tour will guide you to one of
the most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyz Khrebet - Shamsy.

Day 1. Shamsy gorge
In the morning transfer to Shamsy gorge (110 km ). Meet our local guide with horses. The slopes of the gorge are covered with dog roses, barberry, mountain ash, juniper, and fir tree forest. This day you ride up toward to Shamsy pass towards Toru Kaiyn gorge (3-4 hours). Lunch in a local house. After lunch you will have chance to ride not far from the house. Transfer back to Bishkek. Visit Burana Tower on the way.

The Shamsy gorge is considered by some people to be the most beautiful of the canyons in the Kyrgyz Khrebet. The golden mask of the ancient beauty, Queen Shamsy, was found nearby. Twelve kilometers into the valley is the junction of the Shamsy and Tuyuk rivers. (Not to be confused with the Tuyuk river of Kok Moinok). The wooded slopes and high mountain plateaus are home to a wide range of fauna and flora. In summer it is possible to cross the mountains and head towards Kochkor. There is a Community Based Project based here which can offer accommodation and services.

This tour will help you get an impression about Ala-Archa
National Park that was created in 1976 by Government decree
and occupies about 120,000 hectares of mountains and forests about 40 km from Bishkek.

Day 1. Ala-Archa
After breakfast transfer to the Ala-Archa National Park (40 km). You will start your walk from the alpine camp (2200 m) by the path which goes through conifer forest and alpine meadows. Packed lunch. Return back to the alpine camp. Transfer to Bishkek.

You will be in the alpine gorge through which the fast flowing Ala-Archa River runs. The gorge is flanked by tall, snow-covered, peaks with steep-sided, forested, mountain slopes.

This tour will guide you to one of the less visited gorges around
Bishkek - Belogorka. Still it is very beautiful gorge of Tien-Shan mountains.

Day 1 Belogorka gorge
At 11.00 transfer to Belogorka gorge (80 km). Hiking to the waterfall through the picturesque forest. The waterfall (60m high) is the biggest one on Kyrgyz mountain range. People call the waterfall - Pigeons waterfall. Picnic lunch. Transfer back to Bishkek.

A picnic near a waterfall is a special opportunity. As well as the spray of sparkling water droplets, creating mini-rainbows. The village of Tash Bulak in the Sokoluk valley is still known to many people by its Soviet name - Belagorka. The route from the valley over the mountains to Suusamyr used to be an important sheep track. The village has a number of attractive, decorated cottages. The journey to Belagorka will take about 1 hour. After a walk (about 2 hours) you come to the 100m waterfall - also known as "Pigeon's Waterfall". On the way you will see the amazing "Black Kremlin" (a marble 4000m peak).