Tour manager: Ilona Mizina
This tour will guide you to one of the less visited
gorges around  Bishkek - Belogorka. Still it is
very beautiful gorge of Tien-Shan mountains.

Day 1 Belogorka gorge
At 11.00 transfer to Belogorka gorge (80 km). Hiking to the waterfall through the picturesque forest. The waterfall (60m high) is the biggest one on Kyrgyz mountain range. People call the waterfall - Pigeons waterfall. Picnic lunch. Transfer back to Bishkek.

A picnic near a waterfall is a special opportunity. As well as the spray of sparkling water droplets, creating mini-rainbows. The village of Tash Bulak in the Sokoluk valley is still known to many people by its Soviet name - Belagorka. The route from the valley over the mountains to Suusamyr used to be an important sheep track. The village has a number of attractive, decorated cottages. The journey to Belagorka will take about 1 hour. After a walk (about 2 hours) you come to the 100m waterfall - also known as "Pigeon's Waterfall". On the way you will see the amazing "Black Kremlin" (a marble 4000m peak).